Top 5 Health Problems Concerns for Labrador Retrievers

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It’s so important to be aware of all of the health concerns for Labrador Retrievers before deciding to raise one. Many of these health risks are easily preventable with correct care, nutrition and exercise! Let’s take a look at the top 5 health concerns…

1. Obesity

Labrador Retrievers are more prone to becoming obese, significantly more than other breeds of dogs. Why? if you’ve already got Labrador Retriever, you’ll know, they are ALWAYS hungry searching for scraps of food anywhere they might be. Scientists reveal this is down to genes. The gene affected controls how the brain recognises hunger and the feeling of being full after eating. This is why it’s super important to ensure the meal times of your Lab are consistent from a puppy. So they know when it’s time to eat and when not to. Limit their treats and do your best to avoid overeating. And of course, make sure they are getting sufficient exercise every day.

2. Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is commonly found in many large dog breeds. Unfortunately, Labrador Retrievers have a great tendency to develop Hip Dysplasia very early in life. Many factors contribute to the likelihood of a dog developing this problem, such as growth rate, poor diet and irregular exercise being the main ones. If you’re Labrador Retriever is diagnosed, fear not, it’s very common and there are many things you can do to help. Such as physical therapy, joint supplements, medication, exercises plans and more. Get advice from your vet about the best course of action!

3. Allergies

Labrador Retrievers are very susceptible to developing allergies. The most common allergies include food allergies, contact allergies, flea allergies, bacterial allergies and inhalant allergies. Good news – all of them are treatable and manageable! Make sure you are aware of all of the symptoms of these so you can treat your Labrador Retriever early. A lot of these allergies will be caused by environmental factors and can be eased with the correct medication.

4. Osteochrondritis

Osteochondritis is a condition that affects the joints. It’s caused by a lack of blood flow which causes the cartilage of a joint to weaken. Unfortunately, this disease is very common in Labrador Retrievers. You will be able to detect it relatively quickly. Dogs that have developed this disease usually limp on the affected leg. It may also be swollen or warm to the touch. There is a surgery available for this condition that involves removing cartilage and bone fragments. However, this condition can be improved by good nutrition plans and exercise routines without the need for surgery or medication. If the problem continues to affect your dog, vets will usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs before turning to surgery.

5. Epilepsy

As most of us know, Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that creates episodes of seizures. It’s extremely common for Labrador Retrievers to develop it. There are many ways to prevent your lab from a seizure. Such as avoiding all triggers! Triggers can include car rides, thunderstorms, routine changes and environment changes (to name a few). Ensuring their general health is good (exercise and diet) can prevent the likelihood of a seizure. And finally, bringing them for regular routine checkups at the vets.

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