Labrador Retriever Behavior Problems: Biting and Mouthing

Black Lab Puppy Chewing

Being a first-time Labrador Retriever owner brings with it not only responsibility but often battle scars. This particular dog breed was bred for using its mouth for hunting and retrieving game. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a Lab have the natural instinct to put everything and anything in its mouth; including its owner’s […]

Dog Crate Training: Protecting Your Labrador Retriever

Yellow Labrador Sleeping in Dog Crate

Once seen as cruel and inhumane, crate training is starting to gain popularity. The crate can be a useful tool when training a new puppy or adult dog. If used correctly, the crate cane be a place of sanctuary and security when needed. Not all Labs will respond to the crate in the same way. […]

3 Labrador Retriever Coat Care Tips

Beautiful Yellow Lab Max Loves Bathtime

Labrador Retrievers are an unusual breed in that while most dogs have specific coloring or markings, Labs come in three distinct varieties—yellow, black and chocolate. Regardless of which one you have, Lab coats have some special considerations, and require a bit more care than dogs with short, low-maintenance coats. Everything you use from the right […]

Labrador Retrievers and Dog Food: What to Feed Them

Yellow Lab Puppy Eating Out of Dog Bowl

So you have this new beautiful Labrador Retriever puppy or full grown rescue Lab and you have no clue what to feed it. Does that sound familiar? It should. There are are currently over a hundred dog foods in the U.S. market alone; deciding which one to choose can make any new dog owner’s head […]

Toxic Dog Foods: What You Should NOT Feed Your Retriever

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

As Labrador Retriever owners, we want to share what we have with our beloved dogs, including our food. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are aware that some human foods are highly toxic, if not deadly to our Labs. Therefore, feeling good about ourselves without knowing that we could be killing our dogs. Some of the […]