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Your Dogs are the Gym

I’m a big believer in using what you have before making any sort of purchase. That’s why I was excited when I read a recent article explaining how to use your kids as your own gym. Great! My kids have fur and they can definitely keep me active so let’s just see how you can use your Labrador Retrievers as your own personal fitness gym.

10 ways to use your dog as a gym

  1. Carry them when you can. (If they let you and won’t break your back.)
  2. Run with your pup.
  3. Do pushups with your dog keeping you company.
  4. Do yoga with your dog. (There are actual yoga companies that you pay to do that!)
  5. Go for a hike.
  6. Play with a soccer ball. (Cheyenne loves this one!)
  7. Head to the ocean or to the nearest river for a swim.
  8. Wrestle.
  9. Go for a long walk.
  10. Use your full body during training with lunges, swats, etc.

6 reasons dogs are better than a gym

  1. You bond with your dogs. Instead of spending time away from your pups at a gym, you are getting quality time with your dogs.
  2. Work becomes play. It just doesn’t feel like a workout or exercise.
  3. No cost. Sure, dogs aren’t cheap but what you save in gym memberships can buy their dog food and then some!
  4. You’re maintaining your alpha role. Persistent and consistent training maintains the pack order (hierarchy) and therefore helps keep your dog calm and submissive.
  5. Creates a new lifestyle. Dogs love schedules and so do humans. (Even if we try to say otherwise.)
  6. It’s functional. The more you work those muscles, the better shape both you and your dog.

Working out using my dogs as exercise equipment and motivation is the best thing I’ve ever done with my fitness. It’s fun, so I never want to stop. It’s functional, cheap, and best of all, I get to do it with my two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers – Dakota and Cheyenne. I love it!

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