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Why Use Elevated Dog Bowls for Labrador Retrievers?


Veterinarians often recommend that large breed dogs she used elevated feeding bowls to help prevent bloat and other digestive disorders. However, there seems to be conflicting information as to whether or not elevated feeding bowls for dogs actually help with trapped gas or any other G.I. problems associated to either eating too fast or eating in the wrong position. So why do the Labrador Retriever brats use elevated feeding bowls?

At first we purchased the elevated dog feeding bowls because of all the stories of bloat gas and digestive disorders that come with large breed dogs. We wanted to protect our canine companions. But, ultimately, it came down to a simple need to keep our Labrador retrievers from trying to swim in their water bowls.

Shortly after we had brought Dakota home she began swimming with her front paws in her bowl of water. My kitchen was a mess! Water everywhere and my poor puppy not understanding what she did wrong.

I just couldn’t get angry and it isn’t the puppy’s fault for wanting to do what was in her nature – swim. Labrador retrievers are phenomenal swimmers and have the innate skill and the physical attributes to swim long distances while retrieving their hunting prey.

In order to save my kitchen floor and prevent myself from yelling “No!” at my poor puppy, I decided to move the water bowl out of reach. Seeing as we already had the elevated dog food bowls, we used what we had while allowing our Labrador Retriever to quench her thirst whenever she wanted. Thus, saving my puppy’s sanity as well as my kitchen floor.

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