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Acclimating Dogs to Walking in Warm Weather

If you live in the warmer climates, you’re already getting out for long walks with your Labrador Retriever. But if you have a new puppy and this is his or her first warm weather season, you may notice that your dog seems a little distressed either during or after the walk. One such Labrador Brats Blog reader notices just that and sent an e-mail to me for further help.


“Hi there….I LOVE your blog….I have a sweet choc lab MOOSE and he is my baby 🙂 such a mama’s boy… soon to be hubby got him in Dec and he is 6 months old….i have a question for you…we go walking a lot and now that it’s hot in Charlotte he has been laying down shortly after we start our walk….do you think it’s because he is just getting used to the weather. He was born in Oct. so this heat (which is isn’t that hot yet) is all new to him. He walked fine in the cooler months but wasn’t sure what was up with him since it’s gotten warmer. I even let him jump in the creek before we went so he would be cooler and after we started he layed down for a while…..just didn’t know if you had any insight.”


“Yes, it seems Moose is just getting acclimated to the weather. My recommendation would be to walk only during the cooler parts of the day and for shorter distances. Getting him use to the temperature is crucial, as you don’t want to overexert his body.

Plus, remember that he is also in his major growth phase right now so extensive walks on hard ground can cause long-term problems for his bones and hips. Do more walks but shorter distances and make them more leisurely.”

If you notice your dog becoming distressed during walks or play outside during the warmer weather, be sure to give your pup the rest he or she needs as well as much needed rest time in a cool area. You know your dog best so stay aware of how your beloved canine is behaving and take it easy as your dog begins to blow his or her coat to become acclimated to the warmer weather.

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