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True Heart of a Labrador Owner

Some may be wondering – what is going on with the Lab Brats blog? One week there are posts every day and the next week there may be just one post. Well, that is a good question and one I have been asking myself as well. In all honesty, the blog started to become more of a headache then a journal of cherished memories of my Labrador Retrievers, Dakota and Cheyenne. I was trying to keep up with the tons of other blogs out there that update every day. Then I realized that I am just one writer whereas the other blogs have more than a handful of writers all signing the posts under the same name to give it the appearance of a person that never sleeps and does nothing but write about the subject matter. This error in my judgment caused me to forget how to write in a way that truly spoke to other Lab and dog lovers out there – to say things in the way that only other canine parents can understand. Sadly, it also took me away from truly enjoying time with my pups.

You see, the blog started to have a life of its own – a life that was not aligned with the true lives of the Lab Brats or their energetic human mommy. That, alas, was my own fault and I am happy to say that I have learned a deep lesson.

A blog… a successful blog… is not about the number of posts you write or how professional your posts may sound but rather about speaking from your heart. In my heart are Dakota and Cheyenne – everything they do from the way they make me laugh to how much hair they cause me to pull out. They are a huge part of my life as my husband and I do not have any human children of our own. Yes, these are our children and it seems that the dogs of our readers are someone’s children as well.

So I have decided to write when my heart tells me to write and to not conform to some “blogging bible” that states you must blog on all days that end in a “y”. It is the quality of the posts that matter most to blog readers. And that, my friends, is my promise to you. No more idle chatter or stiff writing from yours truly but rather the fresh perspective and heart spoken words of a woman that is truly in love with her dogs – whether it be one blog post a day or one blog post a month – it will truly speak to the heart once again.

And, of course, if you have any ideas on how the Lab Brats blog can be better or any questions/advice you wish to have answered, please feel free to post a comment to this blog post or use the contact form to send me a direct message.

Huge Labrador Smiles and Blessings!