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She is Not a Boy!

I wonder how many other Labrador Retriever owners deal with this scenario…

You take your dog out for a walk, for a drive, or even to the local dog park and someone turns around to say “What a handsome guy you have there!”. If my husband is with us, I will usually turn around to look at him until I realize they are talking about Dakota.

“She”, I emphasize, “is actually a female”.

The look on their faces is always astonishment as they apologize for the mix up and begin asking other questions about her; never once telling me why they assumed she was a boy.

Why do people think she is a male Labrador Retriever? Well, from those people that have come clean, they say 1) it’s the chocolate color, 2) it’s the size (she is a Show-English Lab), or 3) it’s the size of her block head.

I have tried to put pink collars on her and even call out “Let’s go ladies” when they are trailing behind me at the dog park and yet 99% of the time people assume Dakota is a male dog. Granted, the pink colors are not overly female as the Lab Brats Daddy refuses his big mush dog to be at his side wearing a “bling-bling” pink collar. *laugh*

At first it was funny but after a while it is a little frustrating. When I cannot tell the gender of a dog properly, I will ask. What do I need to do people, dye her fur pink or paint her toenails before people realize that she is not a boy! *wink*

Anyone else get this same reaction to their female Lab(s)?