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Love This Site…

I just wanted to comment on how much I love this site…I even have it as a link on Facebook.

We have two lab-babies and I am hooked! Miss Seneca is almost 10 and she is a springer spaniel-black lab mix. Miss Sawyer turned 4 last week and she is a yellow lab…here is their picture; so tired after opening Sawyers birthday gifts that they had to find a bed…thankfully the “special blanket” was out for them!

As I was looking through your photos, I noticed the chuck-a-duck. They both play non-stop with nylabones; but THAT is Sawyer’s all-time favorite toy – she will play fetch and catch with them all day…even throwing them in the air to catch herself! We have all of them…duck, beaver, pig, porcupine, squirrel, etc…large and small.

Thanks again for all the great lab stories and advice…

Yes, Dakota loved her “duck” (chuck-a-duck) until Cheyenne came around and they were so aggressive in their tugging that it would last about 30 minutes. So, we have not had another one in the last 3 years but it was a blast while it lasted. 🙂

Thank you for following the Lab Brats… I am sure they will provide me with many more stories and much more advice for other Labrador Retriever owners in the years to come. *laugh*