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Last night of peace

Tonight is the last night of peace in this house for quite some time. The silence will be surely missed when we introduce our new chocolate Labrador retriever puppy, Cheyenne, into our world tomorrow. We have already been blessed with one chocolate lab puppy, Dakota, who came into our lives when she was only 8 weeks old. Now she is 10 months and anxiously awaits her new 8-week old baby sister.

Both girls are from the same sire and dame so they will be the same beautiful deep chocolate brown with a stocky English Show Labrador Retriever conformation. Of course, as Dakota is now 81 lbs. At 10 months old, it may not be easy to keep these two under control once they are both fully grown. Only time will tell. Now is the time to make sure they are both introduced correctly and ensure that Dakota still knows she is our baby. With no human children in our home, we have come to see her as our “baby” but do maintain the pack order. It will be interesting to see how well we maintain the pack order in our home and make sure that we continue to run our house and not our two chocolate babies.