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Lack of Pictures

I am such a bad Lab mommy! A whole week of vacation and the only pictures I was able to get of my Labs was of them sleeping in our backseat on the way to Florida. I thought I had more and I did – the problem is that they were all blurry because the Lab Brats wouldn’t stay still for even one moment. If they weren’t running up and down the “river” of water in the front yard, they were playing with their doggy cousins or the neighbors dogs in the backyard. Alas, my apologies on the lack of pictures… but the Lab Brats did have an awesome time… I swear!

Dakota and Cheyenne would like to thank all the wonderful pups in Florida that made their trip extra special: Jesse (Rott/Russel Mix), Isaac (Schnauzer), Cloe (Lab mix), Max (Pom), Dutchess (Poodle), and another tiny poodle that has a name that keeps escaping me. *laugh* Each one greeted our dogs with nothing but friendship and made the time at our cousin’s house even more enjoyable! Thanks to these wonderful dogs and we hope to see you soon!