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Labrador Retriever Remains Most Popular Dog

For 19 years in a row, the Labrador Retriever dog breed has been named top dog in the United States. A close second in the running was the German Shepherd followed by Yorkshire Terries.

It is no wonder people love the Labrador Retriever. They are funny, smart and eager to please their human companions. Just one look into those beautiful eyes melts your heart while a glance at their silly Labrador smiles makes you laugh until your sides hurt. Always a bundle of joy and often a class clown, Labs are just so darn loveable.

Labradors come in many sizes and colors. Where else can you take your pick from chocolate, yellow and black as well as mosaic and brindle? There are blockheads and long snouted field dogs. Most love water but others would rather give you a bath.

But the American Kennel Club warns that this may be the last year that the Labrador Retriever holds the lead dog title. According to the increase in number of pure breed registrations, the German Shepherd may take the top dog position next year. But not all is lost for no other dog can compare with the Lab dog breed. Labrador owners and lovers know the truth – no dog can fill a human’s heart like a Labrador Retriever.