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Itchy Pup

Giving belly rubs and scratch downs to both the Lab Brats is nothing new in our house. Every day, we spend a few minutes scratching their hard to reach places and laughing while they do the back foot in the air dance. However, I have started to notice that Cheyenne has been doing the foot dance more often.

It seems Cheyenne’s chest, shoulders, and ears have become more itchy lately and my relieving the itch during one of these “scratch downs” is heaven to her. She can’t reach those places and it drives her crazy.

Upon closer inspection, it seems something is drying out her skin more in those areas. Normally I would chalk it up to something she may have rolled in or the weather but we did change their food recently from the fish to the duck food… thinking that since the duck didn’t have chicken in it, it would be cheaper and still fine. However, it seems that the oils from the Eagle Pack Holistic Select® Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Formula really do make a difference for their Lab coats and skin. Sure, it is more expensive then the duck formula but if it makes our Labbies healthier and happier then it is well worth the extra money.

Well, that and the fact that my hand is getting tired from scratching all her hard to reach places so often… *laugh*