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Is Peticure for Real?

While watching the Dog Whisperer lately, I have noticed a new infomercial for the Peticure Nail Trimmer. The infomercial looks like all the pets are easily handling a grinding machine so close to their toes but then I realized that the pets in those infomercials for the vacuum deshedding devices also look at home and relaxed.

My mind wandered to the Lab Brats. How would they handled such a device getting close to them and allowing me to stick their nail into this motorized device? The Dog Trick Academy Blog states: “The Peticure does produce quite a bit of noise; it’s not heavily noisy but to a dog, can be quite scary.

I started to laugh as I remember back to my childhood when my father introduced me to a sander-grinder. My father was an awesome carpenter by trade and the first thing he told me was to never, ever, get my hands too close to the device as I could easily grind off parts of my hand if I were not careful.

So if I would not stick my own finger or hand near a high-powered, extremely fast moving device, why would I stick my own dog’s paws near it? I mean, it is difficult enough to see the whole nail and quick area while cutting with a good nail trimmer. So – 1) What dog in their right mind would allow their owner to go near them with the buzzing device in hand? and 2) What is there to protect the dog’s nails from trimming too far and hitting the quick.

Sure, the infomercial mentions that the device is like what professional dog groomers would use and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have professional dog groomer training. Heck, even my own vet technicians cut my Labrador’s quick from time to time with a nail trimmer and this is second nature to them.

I don’t know about you but I think the Lab Brats would be livid if I ever tried to use such a device on them. What do you think about this device? Have you tried it or is it something you can see wrestling with your large breed dog to use on them?

(Honestly, I can see even a Chihuahua biting off a finger if their handler got near them with one. *laugh*)