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Heartfelt Thank You…

Every so often I find myself wondering if people are truly getting anything out of the Lab Brats blog. Sure, I love to write and I even tend to entertain myself when I recall something goofy the Lab Brats may have done. However, I do wondering what impact this blog has on other dog and specially Lab owners. Are the readers laughing, crying, or wondering what the world I could be possibly talking about? Well, that was until I received the following in my inbox:

“I just am emailing to say thank you! Our Black Lab mix Sammy was almost homeless today…… My last dog Shelby was a pure bread Rottie and Sammy is my first Lab. Shelby was such a sweet dog and that is exactly what I looked for in my Sammy. He found us at the SPCA and I had to bring him home. He turned 1 in February….and now is starting to be what I considered defiant…he pushed me so far today….I saw that he chewed an oak chair and a leg of the oak table today…in less than 10 minutes.l This coupled with the massive amounts of fur in my otherwise very clean home….I almost went over the edge. I had to get on the internet and see if there is something going on that I could help….and just reading your blog did. I laughed so hard, and it put it all into perspective. All of a sudden the enormous amounts of downy fur all over my house that cause me to vacuum twice a day this past week are because he is “blowing out” who would have known? Nor did I know that Labs are the Olympic Gold Champions of the Chewers! So…at least he is just being him…and now I know how to help….he needs a new Kong…and a good brushing more than twice a day.

Sammy thanks you, I am sure, because he was on my bad side today, but now he is just laying here, being his goofy self and all is well!

I will be definitely checking back frequently to see how the Lab Brats are! Knowing that it is normal for my dog to be a goof makes it better! Thank you!”

My eyes teared and my heart did a leap! Thank you Melissa for reminding me of why I started this blog shortly after I brought my first Lab puppy into my own home. Thank you to both you and your Sammy! It will get better, I promise you that and you are most definitely not alone! {{{hugs}}}