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Giveaway and Review: True Silver Blanket (CLOSED)

The weather is getting cooler and, if you are like other dog owners, you long for a blanket that you can snuggle up in without having it covered in dog hair. No matter how hard you try, dog hair and allergens always find their way into the very fibers of your beloved blanket. Even if you don’t share your couch or bed with your beloved puppy, dog hair covered blankets is just part of owning a dog – or is it?

When the Select Comfort Sleep Number Company contacted me to review their True Silver Blanket for the Labrador Retriever Brats Dog Blog, I have to admit that I was confused and a bit hesitant. Sure, I own and love my Select Comfort mattress but what would they know about products for dog owners? Well, it seems they know a great deal more than I gave them credit for.

The True Silver Blanket is a luxurious blanket that is chemical free and offers anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static benefits. As we dog lovers and owners know – anything that kills bugs, prevents odors and repels dog hair is a miracle we hardly ever witness – let alone experience for ourselves.

Not only is the True Silver Blanket great for a household with dogs but it is great for the humans as well. Each blanket contains all-natural fabric woven with pure silver to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep and provide protection against bacteria and odors. (Yes, we humans give off odors as well. Admit it!) The silver fiber lasts for the life of the blanket and will never wear out or wash out. The soft and luxurious outside of the blanket consists of a 300-thread count cotton sateen dobby cover and end-to-end box quilt stitching that stops the fill from shifting.

When my free “Mushroom” colored blanket arrived, I was in awe of how soft and beautiful it looked. I removed it immediately and the dogs came over to inspect the new item to make sure it was allowed in our house – just as they do with everything I bring into the house. After the dog “sniff over” I wrapped myself in the blanket and immediately settled in for a quick nap with the dogs.

What do I think of the True Silver Blanket from Select Comfort? It rocks! It’s lightweight, warm, comfortable, breathes easy, washes nicely and repels all the dog hair and odor unlike any other blanket we’ve had.

Free True Silver Blanket Giveaway – Closed