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After much debate, I have finally decided to open my brain to the rest of the world. Luckily, this is a virtual surgery for I need every last brain cell to remain sane with two highly energetic Labrador Retrievers and to remain happily married as well.

(Did you notice the dogs came before the husband? *laugh*)

Comments are great and I totally encourage posting comments to my blog posts. However, many people have been wanting a more personal communication form to ask questions about dog health, life, breed specifics, training or to just send some puppy love. Your wish is my command!

For our special virtual doggy family, you can now Email the Lab Brats family! Just click on the cool looking link in our sidebar to Contact Us and you will be whisked over to an easy to use email form where you can ask questions, leave feedback or send me pictures of your beloved canine companions.

So send us your dog mail and who knows, you or your dog related topic may just make our next blog post! *wink*

Special Thanks
Chocolate Lab “dog mail” graphic provided by Art By Angi.