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Dudleys and Pinkish Noses

During a recent Lab meetup group in my area, a member and I were discussing her Dudley Labrador Retriever when another member turned and asked the meaning of the word dudley. My smile broaden as I looked back and forth from her to her own dog and pointed at her beloved canine companion at her side. Needless to say, she was a bit speechless as she looked at me a bit bewildered so I explained the term further.

A Dudley is a yellow Labrador with chocolate pigmentation (eebb in genetics). It can also refer to a Labrador Retriever with absolutely no pigmentation on the nose or eye-rims (meaning all pink in color), but actually, this is extremely rare, and probably a genetic abnormality. While some Lab owners and breeders may view this trait as undesirable, it does not indicate some sort of genetic abnormality. There is no known connection between those pups with Dudley noses and poor health.

A look of understanding fell over her face as she continued to pet her pup in the most soothing of manner. For 3 years she has had her beloved Lab and never once heard the term Dudley nor knew that her beautiful baby was part of not-so-secret society of Yellow Labs. It just goes to show that Lab love transcends the physical.