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Dogs Should Wait Before Eating

I’ve seen dogs charge after food and I’ve seen them wait for a command before eating. The difference between the two dogs is that one was properly trained and the other one believes that he or she is the dominant dog in family. In order to have a healthy relationship with your dog it’s important that you understand that you are in the alpha role and that nothing in life is free.

People are amazed that our dogs don’t eat unless given a signal. Before scooping food into their bowls, both Cheyenne and Dakota have to sit pretty and wait until I’m done filling their dog food bowls. Before bringing their bowls into the kitchen where they’re fed, both dogs have to wait for the “okay” command.

Then both dogs follow me to their feeding areas and sit quietly until I place their bowls on their elevated feeding stations. After which time both dogs must make eye contact with me and wait for the “okay” command before eating.

It may seem somewhat of a dictatorship in the way I command my dogs but I can take the food from their mouth at any given time without fear of getting bit. Both of my girls understand that I am the alpha in our pack hierarchy. It is through consistent and persistent training throughout even our daily lives that the dogs are reminded of the pack hierarchy in our household. Because of this, our dogs know exactly what to expect and how to differentiate between bad and good manners.

Training them to sit and wait to be fed is not as difficult as it seems. Even if your dog is older and has poor manners, your dog can be trained to respect are also position in the household. If your dog does have poor manners, it is best to seek out professional training with a certified trainer that can work one-on-one with you.

For those that have dogs with great manners, teaching your dog to sit and wait to be fed it’s just a manner of continuous training I daily basis. This is just a reinforcement technique to help your dog feel secure in their place within your family.

Through consistent and persistent training the end results will be a healthier and happier dog.