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Stalling and Manipulation Tactics In Dogs

When you give your dog a command, you expect that it will follow your queue without hesitation. Alas, in the perfect world of dog training, your beloved canine will watch you intensely for any command the pack leader gives but what does if she stretches or yawns instead of following your command immediately?

Yawning, scratching and stretching, when given a dog training command, is the act of stalling and manipulation. It is similar to ignoring another person by starting a side conversation or turning your back on them. You know they said something but what they are saying isn’t that interesting to you. There is nothing to get out of the communication with that person so why not shift your attention to something else and let them know, in a way, that you care less what they have to say?

That’s what these actions signify in the canine hierarchy. When a dog command is given, it is to be followed without hesitation. Any deviation from that alpha pack leader link demonstrates a bored and unconcerned dog mentality.

So what to do when your dog takes its sweet time and moves its attention from you to doing the downward facing dog stretch? Fix it immediately! There should be no hesitation in the response of your dog. You must correct the negative behavior by utilizing further positive training techniques. Get out a treat bag, clicker or whatever works for your dog and start to re-institute that persistent and consistent dog training.

The problem is that most dog owners treat their dogs like human children and think that such behavior is cute or just part of their personality. However, it is a huge sign of disrespect in the dog world. Unequivocally, dogs should follow commands immediately when they are given and if they are yawning, stretching or paying more attention to licking a spot on the floor rather than listening to your command, you need to take the initiative and remind the dog who is the pack leader in your family before the behavior has the opportunity to get worse.