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Dakota Day 3 Update

Got a call from the vet and he said that Dakota is awake, alert and doing well. He is going to give her a few tablespoons of water this morning and progress to baby food if all continues to go well. Still hasn’t vomited since the surgery on Saturday but she is on anti-nausea medication so that is a given.

I am to call him around 3pm CT to see how she is doing. At that time, he will let me know if she can come home tonight. If so, we will pick her up around 5pm CT – if not, we will schedule a time to visit with her tonight before the clinic closes. (they schedule a time so they can unhook the IVs and such)

Of course, I remain optimistic that she is coming home tonight. I have boiled ground beef and rice already made and all her bedding washed for her return home.

It is amazing how much you realize the joy your pup brings into your life when they are removed from your home or life. I so miss her big mushy face!