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Choosing The Right Kennel For Your Large Breed Dog

Investing in a good-quality dog kennel is one of the most important decisions you have to make. The choice ultimately gives a safe and comfortable environment for your pooch, while others may find that a garden may not be best-suited as dogs may roam free or cause trouble in the local neighborhood. Additionally, friends and family may be less compatible with dogs than you; this way, a good dog kennel can provide a relaxing, secure place for a dog to stay when visitors come to visit.

Dog kennels come in a variety of types and sizes and is generally dependent on how big your dog is. Additionally, the frequency of use will also be important, as a kennel acting as a dog’s permanent home will need to be larger – around 8′ x 16′. If there are many large dogs, an upgrade to a larger dog kennel of 16′ x 16′ feet – alongside a configuration to give each dog privacy – is needed.

Additionally, if the kennel is a permanent residence, people should consider installing it on a concrete slab as this will avoid it living in swampy conditions when it rains. Furthermore, concrete will help a dog stay cool in hotter months.

Consideration is necessary for protecting your dog from rain, snow, wind and high heat. If there are no nearby trees to provide shelter for a pet, it is recommended that you cover a portion of the kennel with weatherproof coatings. Living in areas where other animals – or thieves – may prey on dogs will mean there needs to be extra security, such as a wire mesh or chain link roof.

The final consideration is the choice of material that the kennel is made from. Kennels are often made from steel and must be galvanized to protect from rust and corrosion. Aluminum parts are also popular, though much weaker than steel. Wood, naturally, remains the best choice; weather resistant and paintable, it also fits quite nicely in a yard among the plants and trees nearby, while it is easier to assemble and lighter to carry or move.

(This is article is a guest blog post on behalf of Pets at Home.)