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The Secret to Choosing the Best Dog Food

So many questions come through the Lab Brats mailbox asking about the right dog food for Labrador Retrievers. What’s the best dog food for Lab puppies? How about a senior dog with skin allergies? Is there a good dog food for a Labrador that has hip dysplasia? We get at least one dog food related question a week and have decided to finally put it all out on the table.

During a recent conversation with a dog-loving friend of mine, it became obvious that true blue dog lovers often pay more attention to what they feed their dogs then what they put in their own human mouths. We grow so concerned about the best nutrition, preservatives and keeping our dogs lean that it can drive us dog owners insane. The thing is, deciding what dog food is best for your canine companion is really simple and you don’t need others to tell you what to feed your own dog.

Simply look at the back of any dog food bag and read the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce a majority of items on the nutritional label, you probably wouldn’t want to feed it to Fido.

The best dog foods contain whole ingredients – things you would have no problem putting in your own mouth. Lamb, carrots, rice and so on are all naturally occurring ingredients. These are good foods for your Labrador Retrievers as well.

And as an extra special treat, give your dog a raw bone from time to time. You can easily get these at your local butcher shop and let them chomp away. Dogs are carnivores and love to get their teeth on these treats. Plus, all their chewing helps break off plaque and tartar – meaning less expensive trips to the veterinarian to get those teeth cleaned.

When in doubt, go natural and look for those products with the “Made in the USA” label. You’d be surprised in how natural diets improve your dog’s health and quality of life. Plain and simple!