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Broccoli Toxicity & Dogs

Hello and thank you for sharing a wonderful site. I own a chocolate female and she loves broccoli and I see on your list that it is toxic. I have never heard of this before and wonder what the damage can result in for her? Thanks again.

Yes, broccoli is toxic to dogs as their digestive system processes certain foods differently then humans. If you have already given broccoli to your dog, not to worry. As with any food, the key is in the amount of food given to the pup. So, if your Lab were to get into a piece of broccoli, it wouldn’t do any damage. However, if it were to get into a large bag of broccoli, then I would suggest you seek a veterinarian’s assistance immediately.

Each food on our Toxic Foods for Dogs list has different side effects in dogs. Some can cause neurological problems, while others can cause kidney failure. Just remember to not give those foods on the list to your dog but do not worry if you drop a small bit of one of them on the floor and your pup gets her mouth on it. A single raisin will not kill a dog but a large bag of them can cause acute renal (kidney) failure.

Per Mike Richards, DVM, “If the percentage of broccoli in the diet exceeds 10% it can cause gastrointestinal upsets and if it exceeds 25% it is fatal. The toxic ingredient in broccoli is isothiocyanate and it is reported to be a pretty potent gastrointestinal irritant.”

There are plenty of other human foods that can be given to dogs that will not cause any problems. For instance, I give my Labrador Retrievers apples but cut out the seeds first as those can be toxic in large quantities. It is all about monitoring the intake of any human foods even though they may give us those puppy dog eyes when we are eating one of those foods, we need to resist in order to keep our dogs safe and healthy.