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Peak Antler Dog Bone Chew Treats Review and Giveaway

We’ve had Labrador retrievers for over six years now and during that time we have gone through many dog bones and chew toys. Actively seeking something for our dogs to chew on, we were hopeful that one day we would find a dog bone chew treat that would withstand the Labrador retriever Jaws of Life. After six years searching for the perfect dog bone that was not only safe for our dogs but that they also one that they couldn’t put down, the Peak Antler Dog Bone Chew Treat answered our prayers.

We received t a large antler bone chew treats a few weeks ago and took our time testing these bones out. Most bones last only about 30 min. to an hour and other bones seemed uninteresting to our Labrador retrievers. Honestly, the chew tendency of our Labrador retrievers and their pickiness were driving us insane. If it wasn’t easy to chew, Dakota wanted nothing to do with it. And of course, Cheyenne only wanted what Dakota had.

How did the Peak Antler dog bones stand up to the Labrador Brats?

The Dakota Test
There are no words to express how much Dakota loved her bone. Although the cracking noises made during chewing did make this a Labrador mommy a little bit nervous, Dakota chewed four hours without giving up. The best part was that the bone was able to hold its own and after three weeks Dakota has only eaten half of the bone. Even after three weeks she still shows a huge interest in the bone and can chew on it for hours on end.

The Cheyenne Test
Whatever Dakota has Cheyenne wants and need natural antler dog bone is no exception. Like her sister, Cheyenne can chew on the antler dog bone for hours without taking a break and the bone holds its own. The fact that it is totally digestible and has had no ill effect on their digestive system allows me to let Cheyenne chew to her hearts content.

Antler Dog Bone Pros

Antler Dog Bones Cons

Overall, the Peak antler natural dog bone chew treats are awesome! This is the first treat that has been able to withstand the chewing power of Dakota and it is definitely on our top pick list for Labrador retriever dog products.

The All-Natural Peak Antler Dog Bone Chew Treat is available online at: The Peak Antler Company

All-Natural Peak Antler Dog Bone Chew Treat Giveaway (CLOSED)

At this time I’d like to offer a giveaway for the entire dog lovers who follow and read the Labrador Brats Dog Blog. The first place prize is a large All Natural Antler Dog Bone Chew Treat through our friends at the Peak Antler Company – which is has an online store featuring a great line of different size Natures Dog Bone Chews.

How Do I Enter the Free Giveaway Drawing?

Simple! Just comment below on the weirdest thing you’ve ever found your dog chewing on.

Who wins?

On Friday, April 15th, 2011 at 12-noon CST – the drawing will be closed, and winner announced Monday morning. The winner will be randomly picked from the entries I receive through the comments.

I’d like to thank all those that read and follow this blog – and that you take this giveaway as a “gift” for your constant support involvement.

And…. may the best dog win!

Winner Announcement:

The winner of this contest is Dani S., from St. Petersburg, FL. She has claimed her prize and the Peak Antler Company will be shipping her free natural antler bone directly to her for her pup, Ein. Congrats Dani!

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