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AKC Plush Mallard Dog Toy Product Review

“Duck!” Just scream this out in my house and our chocolate Labrador Retriever, Dakota, goes crazy. She’s the perfect dog breed considering that all she wants to do is carry a duck in her mouth and prance around like she is top dog. Since we’re not a hunting family, we got her the next best thing – the Large AKC Plush Mallard Dog Toy.

We had been skeptical about trying another plush toy at first. First, plush toys usually end up in mounds of ripped fabric and stuffing after a Labrador Retriever has had time with it. Second, our Dakota has a little bit of an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when she finds a toy that makes noise – she never wants to drop it. But, we like to make Dakota happy so we decided to upgrade from the cheaply made plush toys to an AKC approved toy. We figure that if there is a Labrador Retriever dog breed on the tag, then its good for our own dogs. Right?

How did the AKC Plush Mallard stand up to the Labrador Brats?

Dakota and Cheyenne both loved the new plush toy. First, we se forth some ground rules:

  1. We cut off any tags attached to the toy so that Dakota would not use it to start shredded.
  2. We only allow her to play with it while supervised so that she didn’t shred it to bits.
  3. Dakota had to learn that the toy belongs to the humans and not her so she would not become compulsive.

The Dakota Test
Our Dakota took to the toy immediately when she heard the first mallard sound come from it. Her eyes fixed and once she got a hold of it, she wanted nothing more than to make the sound over it over again. There was no shredding as long as the squeaker continued to work.

The Cheyenne Test
Of course, what Dakota has must mean it’s good so Cheyenne wanted it as well. She was a bit more aggressive with the plush toy and tried to shred it a couple of times. This is part of her normal behavior and as long as she was not able to keep the dog toy, unsupervised – she loved it.

With the rules in place, we are proud to announce that the AKC Plush Mallard Duck Dog Toy has passed the Lab Brats test with flying colors. After a few weeks of play, it is fully intact and the mallard squeaker inside still works perfectly. We are proud to say that it has been Labrador tested and Labrador approved by the Lab Brats!

The AKC Plush Mallard Dog Toy is available for purchase at:
Entirely Pets