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Agh! Blowing Coats!

It is that time of year again! Time to put the vacuum into a more easily accessible area of the closet so that it can be pulled out every two days. Yep! The Lab Brats are blowing their coats and our house can easily turn into the Wild West of Labs, with dog fur tumbleweeds flowing around, if we aren’t on top of things.

Funny how some time ago I heard a few people talking about Labrador Retrievers and they said how Labs hardly shed. My mind did a second take. What? Labs don’t shed? No one explained this to our two chocolate Labrador Retrievers. They shed all year long and when spring comes around in the great state of Wisconsin, they blow their thick winter coats in no time. Why are ours so thick? Well, when you have -50 degree wind chills during the winter, the body of a Labrador Retriever knows to make sure it pads it on extra thick to keep them warm. So, when the Lab Brats blow – they BLOW!!

I have to say though – thank goodness for my Dyson Animal 17 vacuum. I read about it on the Labrador Retriever board right after we brought Dakota home and I wanted one so bad. Sure, they are expensive but when you have Labs, a strong bag-less vacuum made for animals is the way to go. If we had to replace bags all the time, we would go broke. Every 2 days I vacuum and have to empty the vacuum at least twice each time.

The running joke in our house is that one day we are going to make money on all that shedded fur! Yep! We are going to use it to clone puppies to help us keep up with the cost of cleaning up after the Lab Brats! *wink*