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5 Ways To Save Money At The Veterinarian

What do you do before you take your dog to the vet? Do you make a list of questions that you have about your dog’s health? Has there been a new bump or scratch on your pet that you have been meaning to get more information? Has your pup shown behavioral changes that you can’t quite seem to figure out? Before you visit your veterinarian, even for regular checkup, there are things you can do before your visit to keep those expensive visits down.

5 ways to save money at the veterinarian’s office:

  1. Clean those ears – not only is it good practice to clean your dog’s ears regularly but cleaning them before going to the vet can help as well. When the doctor check’s your pup’s ears, show them that there is no reason to take a swab and grab a sample. Such specimens and testing can cost you $25 or more.
  2. Shorten those nails – regularly cutting your dog’s nail can help keep them healthy. However, dog owners often forget to cut those dog nails right before heading into the vet’s office. There’s no need to spend $12 to have your dog’s nails cut when you can do it at home for free.
  3. Give that dog a bone – going down to the local butcher for a raw cow bone will save you money on teeth cleaning while giving your pooch a special treat. Given once every few weeks, raw cow bones (thick leg bones perfect for chewing hours on) will help break down any tartar and plague built up on those canine chompers. They cost only a couple of dollars, keep your dog happy for hours and keep away those $200+ teeth cleaning bills. A bone a month keeps that canine dentist away!
  4. Collect your own specimens – if you think your dog may have a urinary tract infection, take the time to collect a urine same at home in a pie pan or clean jar. It may sound gross but it keeps your canine companion from having a needle take the specimen directly from the bladder. Your dog will thank you for one less needle and your wallet will thank you in keeping that money in your pocket you would have spent on the procedure.
  5. Leave your other dogs at home – although it is great to get the family out together for a trip to the vet’s clinic, it is best to leave other dogs at home. One pet may have the visit scheduled but vet’s will take notice of all animals you bring with you. If they notice something or you mention something about your other pet even slightly, they may decide to do a full, and unnecessary, checkup on your other dog(s). Save the money and let your other dog(s) at home unless they have any medical conditions that need veterinarian care.

Just remember that anything you can do at home to prepare for your dog’s veterinarian appointment most likely will save you money in the long run. Those vet bills can add up and the larger your dog, the bigger those bills. It is easy to keep more of that money in your pocket by just being prepared and do a little work.