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3 Health Benefits of Using an Elevated Dog Feeder

Many Labrador Retriever dog owners have heard about the benefits of raised dog bowls or “feeding stations” but dog owners believe they are only necessary for large dog breeds. The reality is that eating and drinking from bowls placed at a proper elevation will assist any size dog with digestion.


I have a 5-year-old chocolate lab named Chaka (after Chaka Khan). Can you tell me if a raised feeding bowl is better for digestion and reducing the risk for her stomach to turn? If so, how high should the feeding bowls be? Is it common for their stomachs to turn or get twisted? Thank you in advance, as I am a first time Lab owner and head over heels in love with my sweet angel!


The health benefits of elevated dog feeders are highly acknowledged by veterinarians and other dog experts, and include the following benefits:

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene – Keeping the dog’s dining area clean.
  2. Better posture and comfort – If a dog has a back or neck problems, a raised pet feeder will certainly help him/her to eat and drink more comfortably.
  3. Easy swallowing – Imagine trying to swallow with your head down! Some dogs with mega-esophagus or other conditions find it very difficult.

The key to selecting the ideal dog feeder is to balance your own preferences with the needs of you dog. For example, your dog’s eating habits might make a ceramic bowl the best choice for feeding, but you may be able to use lighter weight, unbreakable stainless steel bowls in waterers. With a bit of planning, both you and your dog will benefit from an upgrade to beautiful, functional and practical dog feeders.